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@crisprosperi: Thanks @sarawais for the nomination! I donated a few days ago so you should too! Anything helps! I nominate @annie__clark, @sarahfisher, @lukebilyk #alsicebucketchallenge

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@sarawais: Thanks @joshappell for the nomination. I’m nominating @crisprosperi, @brepittigliio, and Carly Waisglass! Y’all have 24 hours! #ALSbucketchallenge

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The dress code is sexist, plain and simple. Girls have all of these restrictions; boys have none.

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the photos my friend Tianna took of the Degrassi cast at the creative Emmys. It was great, i got to meet the cast agian. 5 of them came we didn’t get to meet ana though. As always the cast was so nice and loved to see us. It was so fun and I got good photos.

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Ana Golja attends the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in LA on August 16th, 2014

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Adam Torres Week

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"how can you say goodbye to someone who changed your life?"

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