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Finally, justice is served.

Will YOU be there?!

The season finale of Degrassi is on Tuesday and we want to party with you! RSVP here to attend the Degrassi parking lot party in Toronto:

Warning: Spoilers ahead. 147 photos from last night’s episode are now up on our Facebook page -

Tonight. 9 pm ET. MTV Canada & TeenNick.

The media is abuzz about Zoë’s trial as Becky is torn about what to say in her testimony…


Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of tomorrow’s episode of Degrassi!

9 days until the Degrassi season finale party!!!

Don’t forget to RSVP! All the details of how you can come hang out with us at MTV in Toronto are right here:

Flashback to the 2011 Emmys with Aislinn, Munro and Jordan! ‪#‎beauties‬

Meet Niamh Wilson who plays Jack! Niamh talks about the role, how she really feels about Jackogen, and her love for music and dance!

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